• A set of eight colors, does not sold separately
  • The price has included SF Express
  • High-quality resin lenses, each weighing about 40g
  • The total width of the frame is about 13.7cm, and the length of the handle is about 14cm


Each color has different visual associations, attributes and benefits. It is a simple adaptive tool. Colored lenses may help relieving eye discomfort and emotions in patients with dyslexia, headaches, light sensitivity, autism, hyperactivity and lack of concentration. If you have questions about light-sensitive, please check with professionals who have obtained a light-sensitive / Island (Irlen) Screening Practitioner certification courses.

Reference material (1): http://www.crest.hk/irlen-syndrome/
Reference material (2): https://irlen.com/get-tested/

Colored Lens Glasses