Trial price HK$100.00 for one bottle (flavor dispatch by random).

One set costs HK$350.00 (Original) / HK$380.00 (Artist) and includes all four flavors.


Happy Senso Gel is an innovative product from The Netherlands. One set includes four fragrances (unscented, tropical, berry and mint). Simply spray the bubbles onto your hands, the icy feeling and mini bursting on your hand is amazing.


Happy Senso Gel gives users a new experience of smell划, sight and touch! The Artist series adds color and is more eye-catching!



  • Shake well for about 1 minute before use.
  • After opening the lid, the mouth is turned down vertically
  • Tap the open bubble to eject it (if the bubble is thin, try to shake it again)
  • The recommended dosage is a fish egg size, which can be sprayed about 100 times per sputum.


* The product is not edible and needs to be supervised by an adult. *

Happy Senso Gel 300ml